PNP is the industry leader

Provide traders with an excellent online Forex trading environment: powerful and easy to use trading tools, consistent narrow range prices, real-time updates, and strong customer support.

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Provide traders with excellent online Forex trading environment: real-time updated prices, and strong customer support.

PNP-The best circulation

Foreign exchange average spread 2.0
Gold Oils Spaces 3.0 and 4.0
Major foreign exchange transactions
Trading open and transparent

Funds are safe and secure

To provide customers with the highest level of financial security is our survival of the country. We uphold the principle of open and transparent operation, take a series of risk management measures to protect the safety of customers.

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  • service imgTwo hours to arrive
  • service imgCompliance with anti-money laundering law

PC trading software

Monitor market trends
Latest news data
The price shown is no slip point
Automatic trading system
The most stable platform

Trading services

Advanced K line chart
Get all the traded varieties
Timely push the latest news data
Manage open positions
Modify order type

Open the new ECN directly with the bank docking experience

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Choose the industry leader Jin Risheng for the MetaTrader 4 platform for foreign exchange, CFDs with offshore renminbi transactions, enjoy low transaction costs, highly leveraged non-trader ECN models.